Read Only Memories: flooding back on PS4


Suzy Mostaani

Last year’s intriguing point-and-click adventure Read Only Memories will be coming to Playstation 4 and PS Vita later this year, giving us the perfect excuse to slide back into some trashy 80’s state of being. We strongly recommend keeping your eyes sharp for when it does (there’s no set date yet).

Will you like Read Only Memories? That depends. Do you like the 80s? Do you like cyberpunk? Do you like retro pixel art? If you hate all of those things, you’ll probably hate ROM. Otherwise, the game is a delight.

Since Hotline Miami (damn! That soundtrack) made old-school 80s themed pixel art games extremely cool again, there has been a fair few, but Read Only Memories could not be more different from the ultra-violence and super fast pace of Hotline Miami. This point-and-click adventure relies on a witty, charming script and great characters to draw players in, and keep them interested in its cyberpunk vision of a futuristic San Francisco.

You’ll step into the shoes of a slobbish journalist, whose apartment is broken into by the presumptuous but endearing robot, Turing. Turing’s master and creator has gone missing, and he needs your help, setting in motion the wheels of a compelling detective story.

The gameplay, as can often be the case with point-and-click adventures, can become a little tiresome after a while, but the strength of the script, and creative visual style, and the sheer commitment to replicating authentic 80’s-style cyberpunk makes the game an immersive experience.

The game touches upon all the themes that you would expect from a cyberpunk game – transhumanism, corporate power, technological change and so on. These themes allow it to naturally explore issues such as sexuality and gender identity as well, without being too heavy handed and coming across as a lecture in political correctness. And that’s something we can all be grateful for.

It actually makes for a fairly refreshing twist on the cyberpunk genre, but the game’s real strength is its visual style and excellent writing. It’s by no means perfect, but its low price tag on Steam makes it a completely worthwhile investment, and you can even try it out with a free demo.

PC users – check it out now. PS4 users – not long now. Anyone still undecided – watch the wonderfully retro trailer below. Read Only Memories is a game to remember.

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